KAINE A. LOUZADER ACCUSED SERIAL CAT MURDERER IN ST PETERS, MO Do visit this murder’s Facebook page and let him know what a piece of s**t he is.   Man dismembers, stomps and strangles at least a dozen cats and kittens he found on Craigslist: Cops Authorities in Missouri say a man has been arrested on sus**cion of mutilating multiple cats he is believed to have procured through classified ads placed online. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, 20-year-old Kaine Louzader of Wild Deer Lane near St Peters is accused of killing a dozen or more kittens and cats posted for sale on Craigslist. The suspect reportedly lived with his grandparents in St. Peters during the violent spree, torturing and mutilating the animals while they were still alive. Because of that factor, prosecutors say he is expected to face felony animal abuse charges instead of misdemeanor criminal counts. Multiple animal carcasses have been reported in the neighborhood in recent months. Authorities first began to focus on Louzader following a report earlier this week of a man dumping a cat’s dead body from a bag. Following his arrest, the suspect reportedly acknowledged that he had viewed the Craigslist site in search of cats being sold or given away. Once he returned home, he is accused of strangling, beheading, dismembering and stomping the animals before dumping them alongside nearby roads, as reported by KSDK. Police say he attempted to explain scratches on his arms and hands by blaming an elderly woman at the hospital where he worked. As questioning continued, however, he reportedly admitted they came from one of the cats. Additional charges are expected to be announced as the investigation continues, officials said. As of the latest reports available, he remained behind bars with bond set at $50,000. [Featured image: Kaine Louzader, police handout] Here’s another news article on this scumbag serial cat murderer.


RICHARD A GILSDORF III DOB 7-19-87 CHILD PORNOGRAPHER CHILD SEXUAL ABUSER 7021 W 114th PLACE, WORTH, IL 60482 FORMERLY GENEVA AVE IN ROMEOVILLE AMATEUR RADIO LICENSE KC9EWY REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDER FOR LIFE!     Richard Gilsdorf Ham License KC9EWY     On 9/24/13 The reported the below story Child Porn Guy Had Boy-Sized Dummy in Bed: Prosecutor When the police arrested a Romeoville man on child pornography charges, they found a boy-sized mannequin in his bed and a bag containing among other things, a “child-sized dildo,” a prosecutor said. When the police raided a Romeoville man’s house looking for child pornography Monday morning, officers found a boy-sized mannequin in his bed dressed in Sonic the Hedgehog pajamas, a prosecutor said during his bond hearing Tuesday. The police also reportedly located a cache of child pornography in the bedroom of 26-year-old Richard Gilsdorf and a bag containing Vaseline, bagged candy, Benadryl, child-sized “soiled underwear” and a “sexual device,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Fillipitch. Fillipitch said the sexual device was “for lack of a better word, a child-sized dildo.” Romeoville police and investigators from the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office also found “dozens” more pairs of boys’ underwear in the bedroom, Fillipitch said. The police discovered hundreds of child pornography images that had been downloaded from the Internet, Fillipitch said, as well as videos Gilsdorf made of himself and a 14-year-old boy. Gilsdorf admitted to recording himself with the boy and the child identified himself and Gilsdorf on the video, Fillipitch said. Fillipitch described the boy’s relationship to Gilsdorf by saying, “If his father was married to this woman it would be his cousin.” The mannequin dressed in the Sonic the Hedgehog pajamas was found in a bed with Sonic the Hedgehog sheets, Fillipitch said, and Gilsdorf used the name “Sonic the Hedgehog” when he played online video games. Fillipitch asked Judge Roger Rickmon to set Gilsdorf’s bond at $1.5 million. Gilsdorf’s mother whispered to defense attorney Kathryn Mackey, “I literally will have him with me 24-seven. Nobody will be around him but me.” Mackey asked the judge for a “reasonable” bond. Rickmon set it at $1.5 million. Fillipitch said police have identified a second victim in the case but are still investigating.     On 4/16/14 The Herald News reported the below story Romeoville man goes to prison for making child pornography JOLIET – A Romeoville man who was caught downloading child pornography after making his own was sentenced Wednesday to 4½ years in prison. Richard A. Gilsdorf, 26, pleaded guilty to producing child pornography, possession of child pornography and aggravated criminal sexual abuse in exchange for six similar counts being dropped. After being released from prison, Gilsdorf will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Assistant Will County State’s Attorney John Connor told Judge Sarah Jones that an online sting in September 2013 determined Gilsdorf had downloaded child pornography to his computer. When Gilsdorf’s computer was examined, technicians found a video Gilsdorf had made in February 2011 that showed him molesting a then 14-year-old boy. Gilsdorf and the victim became friends over a shared enthusiasm of roller coasters and attended theme parks together, Connor said. Police also found a child-sized store mannequin in Gilsdorf’s bedroom that was seized as evidence and will now be destroyed. Gilsdorf pleaded guilty after a psychiatrist determined he was fit to stand trial and not insane at the time of the offense. Defense attorney Todd Polito told Jones that Gilsdorf was mentally, physically and sexually abused as a child. Polito said Gilsdorf was remorseful and has helped the public as an amateur radio operator and weather spotter who reported seven tornadoes. “I can’t even understand how you [who] were once a victim … victimized another. It’s really quite sad,” Jones told Gilsdorf.


    THIS POST HAS SINCE BEEN UPDATED This perp is really Brian Wedgeworth!!! Brian is going on different dating sites like, coffee and bagels, etc, pretending to be a Thoracic Surgeon. He even has a LinkedIn page. Then he sends text messages of his fake contract stating he will be making $525, 000 a year and he’s moving to the area. He will even come see you and show up in public with you to seem legit. Then he proceeds to say he’s looking for a wife and he needs all access to include logins and passwords to banking accounts, credit card accounts, etc.  He says this is because he will be paying g all the bills and taking care of you. Then he then states that he needs cash money and will write you a check for more then the amount. In this case he borrowed $3000 and wrote me a bad check for $12,000. The check bounced. when confronted about it he claimed his assistant wrote it and he will get me the money. First he said he’ll give me cash, then he said he’ll send cash thru PayPal, but its was always a problem. Then he proceeded to ask me to write a $5000 check to another female apparently for some work she did for him which I refused. Upon further investigation, I obtained her information on Facebook and contacted her. After telling her my experience with Brian, she went and told him and they both called and confronted me. Brian then turned on me, when I confronted him about this other woman. I told him I was going to expose him, He then started threatening me by saying he was going to sue me, ruin my career and destroy me. So ladies beware of this man! He is a true scammer! Phones numbers associated with him are (205) 213-0667 and (214) 436-1641 and possible email address If anyone knows the true identity of this person, please respond to this post!   AKA Brian Wedgeworth <— REAL NAME AKA Casanova Con Man https://brian-edmonds-allums-aka-brian-wedgeworth-al-tx-fl-ga-ny-il-ca

Superior Court Judge John F. Russo – Ocean County NJ

    On 4-4-19 reported: New Jersey judge faces suspension for asking alleged rape victim if she closed her legs “A New Jersey judge has been recommended for a three-month suspension without pay after he asked a woman who said she was a victim of rape if she could have closed her legs to stop the assault, reported Thursday. The state’s Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct recommended the suspension in a 45-page report detailing Superior Court Judge John Russo Jr.’s conduct toward the woman. The panel criticized Russo’s behavior and said it demonstrated “an emotional immaturity wholly unbefitting the judicial office and incompatible with the decorum expected of every jurist.” The nine-member review panel reportedly disagreed on whether the suspension should be six months or three. The New Jersey Supreme Court has set a hearing to make a final ruling on July 9. The recommended suspension comes after Russo in 2016 asked a woman who was seeking a restraining order if she kept her legs closed in order to prevent an alleged sexual assault. The victim claimed during the hearing that a man physically and verbally abused her, threatened to burn her house down, stole from her, threatened to take her daughter away and forced her to have sex with him against her will, according to a BuzzFeed report. Russo is quoted in the court transcript as asking the woman if she knew how to “stop somebody from having intercourse with you.” The woman said she would try to physically harm her attacker, tell them no or try to flee. “Anything else?” Russo asked in her the transcript obtained by “I — that’s all I know,” the woman said. “Block your body parts?” Russo said. “Close your legs? Call the police? Did you do any of those things?” Russo, a family court judge, argued in a court filing last month that the complaint contained factual inaccuracies. He said his comment did not accurately reflect how he handled the matter during the hearing, reported. Russo has been on paid administrative leave since May 2017 before returning to work at a different court earlier this year, Ashbury Park Press reported. His salary at the time of his removal was $165,000 a year, but was increased to $173,000 when all judges were granted raises on July 1, the outlet reported. Three other incidents of alleged misconduct were recorded in the complaint against the judge. Russo is accused of trying to use his judicial office to influence scheduling of a personal legal matter, the Asbury Park Press reported in 2018. Russo additionally is accused of failing to rescue himself from a spousal support case between a couple he knew. The complaint also claims that Russo maintained improper communications with only one of two parties in a paternity matter. Russo also faces a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit filed in March from a former law clerk, reported. The Hill has reached out to Russo’s attorney for comment.”


Angela Poole Elingsen is a senior lead for a major international company.  She has used men in order to rise to the top. She’ll sleep with any guy who promises her money and a promotion. Angela tries to portray class and yet on plus size nation and plus size xtreme she posts nude photos. There is even a video online of her sucking off her boss, Douglas Matthews. In exchange for her not leaking private details about his personal life (coke user) to business rivals. dragongardeniahatemessenndottcomm


4 baby mommas, 9 kids, (that he claims in public) doing 6 years at Choice Moore pRISON Unit in Bonham. Got a momma that threatens him with not seeing his kids if he talks to people she doesn’t like. Think the world owes her everything. The entire Brown family blame everyone else for the criminal activities Kendrick has been involved in for 15 years. She was a horrible parent and raised criminals. Maybe she should have been a better parent so Kendrick didn’t drop out of school after 8th grade and make money pimping and.dealing drugs the last 15 years. Wake up Brown family, you created the monster.. no one else did. YOU DID.AND HE IS IN PRISON .


Jennifer Garnick is a child abusing, drug addicted w***e who has a history of violence and abuse as well as tax fraud. She poses naked on random cam and entices her children to act sex acts on her partners!


Roll of (Dis)Honor: Dana is a thief, liar and permanent victim unable to grow up and mature. You may recall the Sandy Hook massacre (RIP to those involved). Well Dana started doing portraits of the dead children without permission of the parents. Then proceeded to pocket money which she said would go to charity. She currently ‘works’ as a cam girl, despite claiming money for being unable to work. She is entitled, selfish and just a vile person better off not being on Planet Earth.


  My name is Cabren and I used to be married to this piece of garbage. I have a son with her that I am now not allowed access to because she is a lying hoe! She is emotionally controlling, bullying, plays dumb, made false rape accusations against me, refuses to work, uses drugs around children and cries to the police when people are ‘nasty’ to her. I wish she had never existed.


A repeat offender; hustler, w***e, fraud and drunk/drug abuser. This woman has destroyed families across the states and has stolen from dying relatives and friends. Avoid if you are in Pisno.


    Sarah is a serial cheater and liar, she has also stolen from her employees and fraudulently claims benefits. Be warned, good people of Nottingham, she will ruin you given half the chance!

Victoria Brown | All States | USA

  The old saying is that you can’t polish a turd, and in Victoria’s case that is certainly true. Despite protesting that she is a lady with ethics and standards, she is just a rude, loud-mouthed, meth snorting abusive b***h. She demands attention and money and is the most entitled brat worthy of a slap ever.


  Full on THOT, Tax Fraud, Child Abuser and Liar. Heather will suck your cock and your bank balance dry. She deals meth on the side when she’s not flashing her ugly ass t**s to desperate Beta cucks online. 40 years old and behaves like an entitled 4 year old, her kid is messed up and has bed wetting issues despite being 10 years old.


I met Reza Rahbaran and his friends at a club on Miami Beach. They were all intoxicated, and when I left the club to go to my place (2 blocks away) at night Reza was following me. He tried to invite me at his place which I declined, he didn’t let me go home. He was keeping harassing me and stalking me, and while I was walking he grabbed my genitals! I made a police report, they have the record of the cameras on Collins avenue. I went back home and I cried for days. I told my siblings and explained them what happened to me.


  Laura is a liar, cheater and serial fraudster/ She pretends to be suffering from cancer just so she can finance a wealthy life. Laura is a full on THOT and tax cheat. Abuses her kids and is frequently high on drugs or drunk. Pure scum and a user.   What does thot mean? Thot is a slang acronym standing for that ho over there or thirsty hoes over there, and is used as a synonym for vulgar slurs like s**t, b***h, or w***e. This should go without saying, but thot is a sexist term, though some women also use it.

Oscar Michael Dayton | Kissimmee, FL

  His mom gave him a free home and he now works under the table. It’s ALL done to avoid his court ordered child support in his TWO CHILDREN!!! Not to mention he collects food stamps and free medical!

Stormy Falagan | Kissimmee, FL

  She made multiple complaints tying court hours etc for both for criminal and child support issues. She falsified a GoFundMe page and began churches and collects snap benefits. She lives with the baby daddy and together they are scamming the system. Then she ships her kid off to a psychiatric hospital

Cheaters Danielle Nicole Huckaby & Alex Tidwell | Columbia, Tennessee, USA

  Danielle Nicole Huckaby, my ex, cheated on my with her manager at Hattie Jane’s Creamery, Alex Tidwell. According to Danielle, they have been “f**king for awhile”. She lives in Columbia, TN. We were together for 3 years. Pictured is Alex’s vehicle leaving my home.

Jason Griffith | Child Support Deadbeat | Horseheads, NY

  Jason Griffith the deadbeat has a child in Oregon whom he never sees nor supports. 17k in arrears. The deadbeat has 2 other children in Oregon whom he abandons to move to NY to have another child. Owes 16k in arrears and counting. Now he is 3k in arrears in NY and only pays small amount a week before court for contempt charges to avoid jail. He also collects VA disability so he doesn’t have to work and claims 6 dependents (including all of his biological children and 1 child that isn’t even his) to get extra money each month. He’s only allowed to claim them if he supports them, which he does not! He’s a fraud.

Reza Rahbaran | Reza Rahbaran Law Firm | Miami, FL | London, UK

I met Reza Rahbaran and his friends at a club on Miami Beach. They were all intoxicated, and when I left the club to go to my place (2 blocks away) at night Reza was following me. He tried to invite me at his place which I declined, he didn’t let me go home. He was keeping harassing me and stalking me, and while I was walking he grabbed my genitals! I made a police report, they have the record of the cameras on Collins avenue. I went back home and I cried for days. I told my siblings and explained them what happened to me.

Charles O. Pratt | Child Support Deadbeat | Powhatan, VA

Mr Pratt moved back to his home state of Virginia in 2014, and hasn’t paid a penny in child support since. He is currently over 32K in arrears. He is not in his child’s life. He won’t work because if he does, he will have to pay support. He is sponging off of his girlfriend.

Harry Joseph Swauger III | Child Support Deadbeat | Texas

He hasn’t talked to or seen his 5 kids (age ranges from 12-7) in over 5 years. For 6 years he hasn’t paid a dime in child support and he’s over $14,000.00 in arears. In the mean time he has 2 more children. Refuses to make contact with them at all, in fact he even blocked his own daughter on Facebook! He was severely abusive to me and my children while we were together for 7 years.

Alexandra Leone – Westwood CA

Alexandra Leone receives d**k daily, has no job and is on dating apps all day trying to get free meals, drinks and spr. She has raw sex and is getting cummed in by everyone! Nasty loose lip deadbeat STD w***e!

Deykel Knights | Deadbeat Father | Brooklyn NY

Deykel Knights is a dead beat father. He does not support his daughter at all. Deykel constantly drinks to much and needs to buy his daughter school supplies instead of buying himself alcohol! He must be exposed!

Andre Barton-Maycock | Deadbeat Father | Brooklyn, NY

    Violent Deadbeat Father Andre Barton-Maycock is a violent deadbeat father who would rather chew off his own foot than do an honest day’s work. The deadbeat quit his job and is working off the books to make sure his baby gets nothing!


CHILD SUPPORT DEADBEAT ALERT MARC DAMON IS A DEADBEAT DAD TO TWO DISABLED CHILDREN 1. THIS IS MARC DAMON HE HAS BECOME A JOB HOPPER 2. LAST KNOWN LOCATION IS EASTON PENNSYLVANIA. 3. FLORIDA, OHIO AND PENNSYLVANIA IS LOOKING FOR HIM HE IS A DEADBEAT DAD OF TWO DISABLED CHILDREN. 4. THIS IS A INTERSTATE CASE MARC DAMON lived in Safety Harbor Florida. He has family in RHODE ISLAND, OHIO AND PENNSYLVANIA and Florida. Then he ran to Pennsylvania, He lived in Bangor Pennsylvania until he was located Then Pennsylvania tried to enforce order. Interstate has verified his location right now he is in Elyria Ohio He is in default for not paying child support. Please if you see him or know his location let me know.